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African country that gained independence from Spain in 1956.
Two countries surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.
Author who wrote 'The Voyage of the Beagle.'
State that features crabs on its drivers licenses.
Saint who said, 'Lord, give me chastity and continence, but not just now'.
State where Leinenkugel's beer is brewed.
Spanish surrealist painter of 'The Persistence of Memory.'
President who signed The Homestead Act into law.
World's largest amphibian.
The tips of these are called aglets.
Star of the series 'Angel' and 'Bones.'
Chief divinity of the Norse pantheon.
'The Silicon Valley of India.'
Most active Hawaiian volcano.
Ecuadorian islands known for their tortoises and other wildlife.
African island nation famous for its ring-tailed lemurs.
The study of coins and medals.
Ocean valley that is 7 miles deep.
Film director known as 'The Master of Suspense.'
Native Iranian fruit filled with arils.
Star of 'The Odd Couple' and 'Quincy, M.E.'
Queen Annes Lace is what kind of vegetable?
Song written by Joni Mitchell and recorded by Judy Collins, opening verse is 'bows and throws of angel hair.'
Insect that flies at 8 km/hour, and hums in the key of F.
Monarch who celebrated Golden Jubilee in 2002.
South African author and Nobel laureate who authored 'The Late Bourgeois World.'
Families of this anthropod include wolf, lynx, jumping, funnel weavers, dwarf, sac, combfooted and crab.
In 1979, was the biggest hit for musical group The Knack.
Fifth king of Uruk; The Epic of _________.
Oceanic nation whose capital is Yaren.
The study of stamps.
American patriot and civil rights icon who said, 'If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.'
Country whose $1 coin is called the 'loonie.'
Russian composer who wrote symphonic poem 'In the Steppes of Central Asia.'
Current location of the Stone of Scone.
Scottish poet who wrote 'O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day' (but it wasn't about tibbies).
Longest one-syllable word in English.
World's second most popular sport after Association football.
Accent which creates the 'ñ' in Spanish.
George Washington's Secretary of State.
National bird of Guatemala.
Country whose languages are English and Gilbertese.
Dog breed nicknamed 'tibbie.'
First player to score for the Baltimore Ravens.
Primatologist known for studying orangutans.
French province to which Mont Saint Michel pertains.
American author whose birth name was William Sydney Porter.
This is the heaviest breed of horse.
Hockey star known as 'The Golden Jet.'
American author and naturalist who said, 'A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.'
Planet discovered in 1781, with the help of Bode's Law.
Mexican town where many westerns, including 'Chisum' and 'The Sons of Katie Elder' were filmed.

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