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To change from one form to another.
To make a full written or typewritten copy.
Evidence of passage. Also, and extremely small amount.
Shake, quake, vibrate.
To alter; to transform, to alter the outward appearance of.
Intestine. Also can mean rubbish or balderdash.
Bouncy gymnastic apparatus used to jump up and down, and for tumbling.
Distress, affliction, difficulty.
Tall plant with a trunk and leaves.
To switch, to reverse order.
Large family or clan.
To crush underfoot.
Agreement to suspend hostilities.
Extensive written discourse on a subject.
A geometric form made up of three sides.
One who is undergoing instruction. H-3 visa.
To walk or tramp about.
Hanging bar used by acrobats and gymnasts.
Process used to sort injured people.
Sweet syrup; cloying sentiment.
Mushroom; rich chocolate confection.
To flow or fall in a thin stream.
(adjective) The ability to be healed.
Plod heavily or wearily.
Hypnotic state.
To beat, to vanquish, especially in a game.
Three-wheeler for children.
Someone who is sent from one place to another; someone who receives a conveyance. L-1 visa.
High pitched; the upper clef.
Government by three men, for example Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey.
A very short period of time; an instant.
To sedate.
The quality of transmitting light.
Homage; acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration.
To wound, injure, or psychologically devastate.
Someone charged with the care of property or funds.
To push or propel on wheels or rollers. '_______ bed.'
Extinct anthropod. Computer game company spells it with a 'y.'
Collection of valuable items.
Pedal operated by foot for a circular drive.
Company of actors, singers or dancers.
The quality of being preeminent or supreme; lying beyond the ordinary range of perception.
To transfer blood from one person to another.
Not false; real, genuine, accurate.
Long brass instrument with movable slide.
To shorten by cutting off; to terminate abruptly.
To pass across, over or through.
Person who wears clothes of the opposite sex for pleasure.
To happen, occur, come to light.
Threefold; three copies.
Buying and selling; exchange.
Valuable or precious possessions; loot, swag.
Horizontal beam used on train track.

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