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Tomb of the _______ Soldier.
'______ Saturday Night,' film with Poitier and Cosby.
Opposite of rapidity.
Way to score points in American football.
Jaundice, perhaps cowardice.
The UK Prime Minister lives on _______ Street.
He has ________ his clothes.
'Uneasy Lies the Head that Wears a _____.'
Cut someone out of your will.
We will reap what we have ____.
When toenails are this, they hurt!
It was _____ all out of proportion.
Upside-down smile.
The chickens had _____ the coop.
_____ your sorrows.
'Bit by bit she had claimed herself. Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming _________ of that freed self was another.' (Toni Morrison)
_______ Manhattan.
'Send in the ______.'
We hope nuclear reactors don't have _________.
'The Mets have _____ me more ways to lose than I even knew existed.'
Sort of like a hootenanny.
Goosefeather quilts are _________.
If you bake you're doing a heckuva job if you make ________.
The subject of a coup is an __________ leader.
'_______ you better take care if I find you've been creeping round my back stair.'

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