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Playful banter.
Something that has nothing to do with crops or livestock is _______________.
Tired old horse, or to get on someone's back.
Making metal money.
Annie's home before Daddy Warbucks.
A character in a literary work.
What 'smartest' is to 'mattress.'
Nine-sided polygon.
Person between 12 and 20.
Pipe for excess water or sewage.
Tennessee Williams' play 'The Glass _________.'
Tear in pantyhose.
The Rosenbergs, Mata Hari, and Aldrich Ames were all accused of this.
Massive slaughter.
Jewish house of worship.
Collective group of posters; the design or use of symbols.
The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact was a treaty of _____________.
Wangle or get through trickery.
No friend of the unions.
When you shop at a store they thank you for your _________.

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