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What is the state bird of Maryland?
What is the highest point in Maryland?
What is the state flower of Maryland?
What is the state beverage?
What is Maryland's largest freshwater lake?
In which city were Frank Zappa, Babe Ruth, and Upton Sinclair born?
What fort was Francis Scott Key watching when he wrote 'The Star-spangled Banner'?
What is Maryland's most populous city?
What body of water is between Maryland's eastern and western shores?
What is the University of Maryland's mascot?
Who founded Maryland?
Which race of the Triple Crown is held in Maryland?
What famous 19th century writer is buried in downtown Baltimore?
What famous 1999 horror movie was filmed in Seneca Creek State Park, and Burkittsville?
What is the state nickname?
What year was Maryland founded?
What is the name of Maryland's professional baseball team?
What 1987 thriller starring Steve Guttenberg and Elizabeth McGovern was filmed in Baltimore?
What is the lowest point in Maryland (174' below sea level)?
What is the state tree of Maryland?
What is the name of Maryland's professional football team?
What crustacean is pictured on Maryland drivers licenses?
What is the state song?
What is the capital of Maryland?
Number of counties (not counting Baltimore City).
What ocean borders Maryland?

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