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Can you name the words that change when you take away 'dis'?

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Dissin'Word UpNo Dis
To divert someone's focus or attention.An expanse of land or water.
Calf-length dresses or skirts.Syllable representing the third tone of the diatonic scale; 'do-re-__.'
To take apart or disassemble.Cloak, or part of a fireplace.
Deface or ruin the appearance of.Number, representation or shape.
Vocalist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.Kine or cows.
Remove or force out.Cottage or cabin. Henry Cabot _____.
'I _________ Mama.'Part of the whole; euphemism for a man's you-know-what.
Loathing, aversion or repugnance.A strong, abrupt rush of wind.
Throw away.What you use to play Canasta.
Pain or inconvenience.Relief or solace.
Plural of colored ornamental dot worn in the middle of a woman's forehead.Container; trash can.
Stain; bleach out.Hue.
A coarse woolen fabric, yarn, or ribbon binding.Ungentlemanly or loutish man.
Mark down.To have importance.
Star Wars 'knights.''I' in French.
Danced to music in a discotheque.Female student; something open to both sexes.
Undress.Gown, dressing gown or official garment.
To cause to be doubted or distrusted.Commendation; recognition. Buying 'on time.'
What many employers do to their employees.Appease, assuage.
To reject or condemn.To consider right or good.
To free from a falsehood or misconception.To hurt, injure or mistreat.
Dissin'Word UpNo Dis
Strain, anxiety or suffering.A long lock or ringlet of hair.
Resentful, rebellious, discontented.Acted upon, influenced, or changed.
Neo-progressive rock group from the UK.'Yes' in German or South African.
To dissolve an organization.Musical group.
One who cuts apart or analyzes in minute detail.Part, division, area. A slice of a circle.
Lack of agreement; dissension.Rope; 128 cubic feet of cut wood.
To reveal or to tell.Shut. Also, near.
To reject as false.To accept as true; expect; suppose.
To reveal, to notice or learn.Top.
Disown; deny or renounce.To demand or assert.
Disorderly, confused.Set out for display; arrangement.
To render harmless.Weapon, or what's attached to your shoulder.
Unload, empty or release.To fill with electricity; to run forth in an attack.
To refuse to accept or recognize; reject.An unmarried woman.
Catastrophe.Star-shaped structure or flower.
Differ, dispute or quarrel.Consent; accede.
To cut out of an inheritance.To possess.
To take away confidence, hope or spirit.Bravery.
To drum out of the legal profession.Saloon.
Handicap.A natural or acquired skill or talent.
To let down, to frustrate or fail to meet expectations.To select, designate or furnish.
Shame or dishonor.Princess _____ of Monaco.

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