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Definition/Clue'ag' Word
Medical determination of condition.
Brother of Menelaus, and husband of Clytemnestra.
People should not see these or laws being made.
Not for; contrary to.
Fear of open or public places.
A rub-down; Swedish ones are famous.
What homeowners pay every month.
Purplish red.
One who is unsure of the existence of God.
Droop, sink, decline.
A forced labor camp in the former Soviet Union.
'Of Human _______'; enslavement, physical restraint.
Scrap of cloth.
Bushy, matted, unkempt. Also, a type of dog story or a character from Scooby Doo.
Label. '___ sale,' 'price ___.'
Transformation of liquid to semisolid or solid.
Knife, dirk.
Primo brand of ice cream.
The capital of Iraq.
Deer; elk.
Brook Shields was the 'creature' from the Blue ______.
Small short-haired hound; also, Darwin's ship.
Companion island to Assateague. 'Misty of ____________.'
What you use to cover a cut or wound.
Depending on pronunciation, means either wide open or spiritual Christian love.
Keen interest, impatient expectancy.
Large group of islands. 'The Gulag ___________.'
Quick, light, nimble.
Hiroshima and ________.
To boast.
Wise person; also a plant or herb.
Definition/Clue'ag' Word
Will be newest member of US Supreme Court?
How old someone or something is.
Card game were the players try to reach 121.
Omen; intuition of a future occurrence.
Dogs do this with their tails.
Irregular, rough.
Traditional saying; proverb. 'It's an old _____.'
Word made from re-forming the letters of another word.
Purchase of securities for immediate resale.
4-wheeled vehicle, usually pulled by horses. When you are not drinking you are 'on the _____.'
Resembles lettuce, but isn't.
Colorful procession or display; 'beauty _______.'
In Louisiana, word means a little extra, or a gift.
Pouch, purse. Tea comes in these.
Organization or association. Also, and old unit of measurement of about 3 miles.
Old woman; witch.
To provoke or make something worse.
Chill or fit of shivering.
Container for animals.
Medium of communication.
Residue from ore smelting; 'coal ____.' Also term for **** in the UK.
Piece. To split up.
Plant often said to cause hay fever.
'___ me with a spoon!'
Large bird of prey.
To overstate or blow things out of proportion.
Judge; justice of the peace.
In the past.
US candy bar, featured in the movie Beetlejuice.
Furious; angry.
Public show of respect; ceremonial acknowledgement.
Big Cat; really fancy car.
The right or privilege of voting.
Definition/Clue'ag' Word
Tool of witches, warlocks and Harry Potter.
'______ Christie.' Also Agnes Moorehead's character on 'Bewitched.'
Capital of the Czech Republic.
Shocked or horrified.
Chalcedony; a marble-like stone.
Pain, suffering.
Antagonist in Shakespeare's 'Othello.'
There were 10 in Egypt, but not bubonic or black...
To dicker or bargain.
Short communication; a moral.
A flock of geese.
Cultivating soil and producing crops.
Villain in Dickens' novel 'Oliver Twist.'
Beeper, used to summon people.
Concealment by disguise or protective coloring.
Thorough search; turning things over. '_______ sale.'
Massive slaughter, massacre.
List of things to be done or considered.
Boggy, muddy area. Predicament. This word often used to describe the Vietnam War.
Not clear; hazy, indistinct.
Straggle, fall behind.
Mediocre, middling, typical of a set.
Netherlands capital; site of the International Court of Justice.
Formation of mental images; album by Inti Illimani.
Romeo's last name.
Yummy with cream cheese or lox.
Drapery. Also stolen property or loot.
Happens to pantyhose with sad regularity.
Harass, bother.
Picks up iron; attractive; exerts attraction.

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