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Furry fluffball creatures on Star Trek.
What streets were made of in the olden days.
______heads are those odd little dolls.
Barren or marginal subsistence (or a difficult word game).
Turkeys are sometimes called this.
What a water fountain is called in the American Midwest.
______ Beach, famous California golf course.
Quarrel, bicker.
Weebles ______ but they don't fall down.
5-o'clock shadow.
Foolish chatter; techno______ or psycho______.
What Kathy Bates does to James Caan in 'Misery.'
Illegible messy writing.
What fish do to bait.
Either a dessert or a shoemaker (other UK meaning, we won't go there...)
Bounce the ball down the basketball court.
Nickname for champagne.
Mob, noisy crowd.
Crunchy dog food.
Play at something; dilettantes do this.
Petty objection or complaint.
Mumbo jumbo.
Baseball cards used to come with this.
Barney ______, Fred Flinstone's friend.

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