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Archaic past tense of clepe.
Latin American food item wrapped in corn husk.
Bract enclosing the flower of a grass.
1/100 of a drachma.
Public square. '_____ de Toros.'
Twin crystal.
Football and golf shoes have these.
Auxiliary proposition used to demonstrate another proposition.
Difference in days between the solar year and the lunar year.
Grip; compress.
Skirt fold.
An undifferentiated part of a perianth that cannot be distinguished as a sepal or a petal.
Food container.
Canada's national tree.
Noun that isn't a person or thing.
Archaic past tense of 'clap.'
Brilliant display; splendor.
Rapid pace; abreast.
Having wings.
Flower part.
Iron, for example.
Pharmacy vinegars.
Unleavened bread typically eaten during Passover.

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