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Backwards PlotMovie
Environmentalists find an ape living in New York City and return it to the wild.
After a tough loss, a man gets progressively worse at boxing.
After a tough loss, a man gets progressively better at boxing.
After getting married, a young couple travels back home to tell their respective parents the news.
A senator's unorthodox behavior gets him kicked out of office.
A romantic dispute turns two dancing gangs against each other.
A man undergoes a treatment that destroys his sense of right and wrong.
The adventures of an andriod salvager and repairman.
A soldier travels through Vietcong territory to deliver the last words of his commanding officer.
Two women pose as men to get a job as jazz performers.
Backwards PlotMovie
A pizza shop owner gives a kid a job for repairing his window.
In an effort to enrich his life, a wealthy man founds a newspaper empire.
Despite doubts, a jury finds the defendant guilty.
1950's teenagers repair a busted-up car and use it to cruise the streets in reverse gear.
Astronauts return from space to find that the population has regressed to monkeys.
A man opens a building and loan in an effort to reform his sinful town.
A man helps his ailing father send his business partners invitations to his daughter's wedding.
After finding a magical ring, a tiny man treks a long way to give it to his uncle.
A man is sent to a psychiatric ward for disruptive behavior, but he is eventually cured and relased.
A lawman chases some bandits out of town , then celebrates by getting married.

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