Philosophy Final Exam

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Can you name the author to their philosophical work?

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 On History
 Reason and Revolution
 Wealth of Nations
 An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
 Second Treatise of Government
 Evangelium Vitae
 On Liberty
 Philosophy of History
 Open Society and its Enemies
 Communist Manifesto
 Groundwork for the Metaphysic of Morals
 Study of History
 The Republic
 Nicomachean Ethics
 Of the Social Contract
 The Open Society and Its Enemies
 On the Philosophy of History
 The Poverty of Historicism
 Thus Spoke Zarathustra
 An Idea for a Universal History from the Cosmopolitan Point of View
 Language, Truth and Logic
 The City of God
 Atlas Shrugged
 Summa Theologica
 Repressive Tolerance
 Historical Reason
 Natural Theology
 Principia Ethica
 Poverty of Historicism
 The Practice of Conceptual History
 The Prince
 One Dimensional Man

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