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LyricsMissing# of Words
So they're finally here, _____________3
If you __________, you can join in too3
Put your __________, if you want to clap2
As we take you through, this __________!2
DK, ___________!2
He's the _____________, you know him well4
He's finally back to kick some _____1
His ____________ can fire in spurts2
If he shoots ya, it's ____________!2
He's _______, _______, and stronger too2
He's the first member of the ____________!2
___, Donkey Kong!1
DK, ___________________!4
This Kong's got style, so __________ dudes2
She can _____________ to suit her mood3
She's quick and ________ when she needs to be1
She can float through the air and ___________ trees2
If you choose her, you'll not _____________2
With a _____ and a _____, she's one cool Kong!2
DK, _____________2
He has no style, he has no _______1
This Kong has a ____________2
He can __________ when he needs to1
And ________ his arms out, just for you1
_________ himself just like a baloon1
LyricsMissing# of Words
This __________ just digs this tune2
___, Donkey Kong!1
DK, ___________________!4
He's back again, and _________ too2
And this time he's in the _______1
He can ___________ with his jetpack on3
With his ________ out, he's one tough Kong!1
He'll make you _______ when he plays his tune1
But ________________ 'cause he's after you!2
DK, ___________!2
Finally, he's here for ______1
It's the ___________ of the DK crew!2
This Kong's so strong, it ______________2
Can make a Kremling cry out for _________1
Can pick up a boulder with ____________2
Makes ___________ seem such a breeze2
He may move slow, he can't ____________2
But this Kong's one ____________!4
C'mon Cranky, ______________!5
Walnut, peanuts, pineapple _______1
Grapes, melons, oranges and ____________!2
Ahh _____!!1
Walnut, peanuts, pineapple _______1
Grapes, melons, oranges and ____________!2
Ahh _____!!1

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