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CreationCreatorGenre (Year)
Taj MahalBuilding (1632)
Garden of Earthly DelightsPainting (1500)
St. Peter's BasilicaBuilding (1626)
Liberty Enlightening the World (The Statue of Liberty)Sculpture (1886)
LouvreBuilding (1546)
The Last SupperPainting (1495-1498)
The KissSculpture (1886)
Chrysler BuildingBuilding (1930)
United States CapitolBuilding (1793-1811,1815-1826)
The Shooting Company of Captain Franz Banning CocqPainting (1642)
Starry NightPainting (1889)
Christina's WorldPainting (1948)
Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2Painting (1912)
Abraham Lincoln MemorialBuilding (1922)
The Gates of HellSculpture (1880)
GuernicaPainting (1937)
Perseus With the Head of MedusaSculpture (1563)
Venus of UrbinoPainting (1538)
The Third of May, 1808Painting (1814)
Luncheon on the GrassPainting (1863)
Cathedral of FlorenceBuilding (1420)
Westminster AbbeyBuilding (1245)
Bird in SpaceSculpture (1919)
American GothicPainting (1930)
The Ecstacy of Saint TeresaSculpture (1646)
CreationCreatorGenre (Year)
NighthawksPainting (1942)
Eiffel TowerBuilding (1889)
The School of AthensPainting (1509)
The Arnolfini WeddingPainting (1434)
The ThinkerSculpture (1900)
The Birth of VenusPainting (1480)
Saint Paul's CathedralBuilding (1708)
Arrangement in Gray and Black, No. 1: The Artist's MotherPainting (1871)
Mount RushmoreSculpture (1927-1941)
The Death of MaratPainting (1793)
DavidSculpture (1440)
FallingwaterBuilding (1936)
Mona LisaPainting (1500)
Sistine ChapelBuilding (1473)
AlhambraBuilding (1354)
Solomon R. Guggenheim MuseumBuilding (1959)
Uffizi PalaceBuilding (1560-1581)
ParthenonBuilding (447 BC)
PietáSculpture (1499)
Gateway ArchBuilding (1965)
Liberty Leading the PeoplePainting (1830)
The Persistence of MemoryPainting (1931)
DavidSculpture (1504)
Las MeninasPainting (1656)
Temple of JerusalemBuilding (10th Century BC)

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