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Can you name the Summed up in one or a few words, what do these pairings have in common.?

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Donte Stallworth/Jayson Williams
Rafael Nadal/ Phil Mickelson
Miami Heat/Dallas Mavericks
Amare Stoudemire/Richard Hamilton
Dirk Nowitzki/Quentin Richardson
Dwyane Wade/Tony Parker
Grant Hill/Shaun Livingston
Deshaun Stevenson/Drew Gooden
Sean Elliot/Alonzo Mourning
Jason Richardson/Vince Carter
Gilbert Arenas/Plaxico Burress
Shaquille Oneal/Ray Allen
Udonis Haslem/Allen Iverson
Kobe Bryant/Ben Roethlisberger
Steve Nash/Dwyane Wade
Michael Jordan/Charles Barkley
Michael Jordan/Deon Sanders
Tim Duncan/Phil Mickelson
Los Angeles Lakers/Minnesota Vikings
Steve Nash/Manu Ginobili

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