What Do These Movies Have In Common 2

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Can you name the Commonalities These Movies Share. Think Outside of the box!?

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Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings
The Sixth Sense/Signs
Dreamcatcher/The Mist
Field Of Dreams/Mr. 3000
Kicking & Screaming/The Big Green
Spirited Away/Akira
Independence Day/Mars Attacks
I Am Legend/28 Days Later
The Tale Of Despereaux/Stuart Little
The Land Before Time/Jurassic Park
Uncle Buck/Cool Runnings
E.T./Saving Private Ryan
To Kill A Mockingbird/A Few Good Men
Rumble In The Bronx/Mr. Nice Guy
Blue Chips/Kazaam
Cloverfield/The Blair Witch Project
The Grudge/The Ring
Pinapple Express/Half Baked

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