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Can you name the movie by the way in which the bad guy(s) expire?

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Simply waits to die as the hero dangles at his mercy
Head hacked off in front of his worshippers
Eaten by a dragon at his own wedding
Melts after being hit by a bucket of water
Blown up after being given the choice of sawing off his own foot to escape an improvised petrol time bomb
Shot in a three way showdown
Is obliterated by the voice of God
Electrocuted by his own hat after trying to retrieve it from between electrified bars
Has memory modules removed one by one
Crushed by an industrial press
Freezes to death in a hedge maze
Mistaken for an alligator and clubbed by rednecks
Catapulted through an exploding billboard in a rocket sled
Explodes after a reverse particle flow is fired through his gateway
Melted by the Ark of the Covenant
Injected with a liquid that causes his blood to swell then explode
Has a violent allergic reaction after having shampoo pumped up the rectum
Electrocuted by his boss after turning on him to save his son
Succumb to the common cold
Turned inside out and sucked into space through a hole in a window
Hacked to death by machete, mirroring the sacrifice of an ox outside
Shot in the head in the finale of a convoluted sequence of events of his own design
Plummets from the top of the Nakatomi building
Killed by vacuum after being sucked out onto the surface of Mars
Blown up by an anally inserted C4 charge
Sucked into a jet engine after his cape gets caught in it
Trapped by a load lifter, is then sucked out of an airlock
Melts after being hit by gushing turpentine
Blown up by an air tank in the mouth being shot
Has his head kicked off after being frozen solid

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