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Can you name the full names of these Harry Potter characters?

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NamesFull nameExtra Information
HarryEponymous character of the series
RonHarry's best friend
HermioneMuggleborn witch
GinnyArthur and Molly's daughter
PercyArthur and Molly's son
BillArthur and Molly's son
DumbledoreHeadmaster at Hogwarts
VoldemortThe Dark Lord
LupinD.A.D.A teacher second year
UmbridgeD.A.D.A professor fifth year
TrelawneyDivination professor
NamesFull nameExtra Information
FudgeMinister of Magic
Mrs. FiggNeighbour of the Dursleys
Phineas BlackEarlier Hogwarts Headmaster
Regulus BlackSirius' brother
Amelia BonesAunt of Susan Bones
Nearly headless NickThe Gryffindor ghost
TeddyLupin and Tonks' son
ScorpiusDraco and Astoria's son
Albus PotterHarry and Ginny's son
James PotterHarry and Ginny's son
Lily PotterHarry and Ginny's daughter

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