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they have voices which lure sailors to their doomgreek
a carnivorous, 1 eyed giantgreek
a snake that is wrapped around the worldviking
a riddle telling lion with the face of a womanegyptian
the beast that can regrow headsgreek
the back of a horse and the front of a humangreek
the back half of a lion and the front of an eagleegyptian
the giants that oppose the gods of Asgardviking
the 3 witches of destinygreek
a six headed sea monster whos friend is a whirlpoolgreek
odin's 8 legged steed, daughter of lokiviking
A vampiric beast that feasts on children.Greek
the totem animal of setegyptian
A giant 3 headed hound that guards the entrence to hadesGreek
Half volture and half womanGreek
loki's wolf sonviking
A part goat, part human follower of dionysseusGreek
A sea creature that is part bull, part serpent and killing it gives you ultate powerGreek
a large, immortal bird of fire eith a beautiful songegytian
The body of a lion with a added goats head and a snake for a tailGreek
The 3 greek goddess's of painGreek
Part serpant, part leopardEgyptian
A human with the head of a bull. It is trapped in a labyrenthGreek
A monstrous part bat, lion, human and scorpion Greek
A demi-god like beingViking
A half horse half serpent sea creatureGreek
A female with snake for hairGreek

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