World cities that have been destroyed

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Can you name the Cities which have been destroyed or suffered severe damage throughout history?

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Country, Year, CauseCityDetails
Italy, 64AD, Fire
Italy, 79AD, Volcano
Netherlands, 1452, Fire
UK, 1666, Fire
Portugal, 1755, Earthquake, Fire, and Tsunami
USA, 1814, Fire caused by war
Canada, 1849, Fire
USA, 1864, Fire Caused by war
USA, 1865, Fire Caused by war
USA, 1871, Fire
USA, 1872, Fire
China, 1878, Fire
Canada, 1886, Fire
USA, 1889, Dam Break
China, 1894, Fire
USA, 1900, Hurricane
USA, 1901, Fire
USA, 1902, Fire
Country, Year, CauseCityDetails
Canada, 1904, Fire
USA, 1906, Earthquake and ensuing Fire
USA, 1913, Flood
Canada, 1917, Explosion
USA, 1917, Fire
USA, 1921, Riots
UK, 1940, Bombings
Germany, 1943, Bombings
Germany, 1945, Bombings
Japan, 1945, Atomic Bombings
Japan, 1945, Non-Atomic Bombings
Belize, 1961, Hurricane
Romania, 1977, Earthquake
Ukraine, 1986, Nuclear Meltdown
Montserrat (UK), 1995, Volcano
Japan, 1995, Earthquake
Nigeria, 2002, Explosion and Fire
USA, 2005, Hurricane and Flood

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