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The capital of Yemen
The Colonel behind KFC
An ancient Indo-Aryan language now considered dead, but still used in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain texts
Authoritative permission or approval, often found in UN resolutions
The capital of Chile
Soundness of mind or judgment
To make holy, consecrate or purify of sin
A type of footwear, examples include thongs and flip-flops
Jolly Old Saint Nick
A mixed drink commonly made with red wine, sugar, fruit juice, and brandy
Any member of the FSLN, a Nicaraguan revolutionary group which held power in the 1980's
3-time Cy Young winner for the Dodgers who pitched from 1955-1966, later became the youngest player ever elected to the Hall of Fame
Optimistic, cheerful, with high hopes, also refers to a blood-red color
A sacred or holy place, also a term for immunity
An ancient Israeli court of judges, dissolved in 358 AD under Roman rule
A northern Ohio city, home of Cedar Point
One of earliest brands of instant decaf coffee who's name is derived from the French 'sans caféine'
Any of several trees of the genus Santalum commonly used in incense or fragrant bath soaps
The 4th most populous city in California, named for an Italian saint
1970's sitcom starring Redd Foxx
Two slices of bread, some meat, and maybe a little cheese
The common name for the Spanish-American philospher who famously said 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it'
The first female member of the US Supreme Court
A hospital that treats chronic illness, commonly associated with mental disorders
The capital of the Dominican Republic
Dream weaver of lore or a Neil Gaiman graphic novel

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