Oldest players on a Fifa World Cup

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Can you name the Oldest players ever on a Fifa World Cup?

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Colombia 201443Y-00M-04D
Cameroon 199442Y-01M-08D
Northern-Ireland 198641Y-00M-00D
England 199040Y-09M-19D
Italy 198240Y-04M-13D
Tunisia 200640Y-02M-10D
Scotland 199839Y-10M-30D
England 201039Y-10M-26D
Argentina 195839Y-08M-18D
Cameroon 199439Y-08M-16D
England 195439Y-04M-25D
Denmark 200238Y-09M-20D
England 200238Y-09M-02D
Portugal 198638Y-08M-03D
Colombia 201438Y-05M12D
USA 199438Y-05M-11D
Portugal 198637Y-11M-09D
Trinidad and Tobago 200637Y-10M-18D
Australia 201037Y-08M-17D
Sweden 195837Y-07M-29D
Germany 195837Y-07M-24D
Netherlands 197837Y-07M-00D
Bolivia 199437Y-06M-02D
South Korea 195437Y-05M-18D
Mexico 201037Y-05M-05D
Mexico 201037Y-04M-26D
Brazil 196637Y-04M-18D
South Korea 195437Y-04M-01D
Belgium 198237Y-03M-27D
Trinidad and Tobago 200637Y-03M-24D
Greece 201437Y-03M-17D
Germany 199837Y-03M-13D
Iran 200637Y-03M-00D
Belgium 199837Y-01M-26D
Honduras 201437Y-01M-23D
USA 199837Y-01M-13D
Mexico 196637Y-01M-12D
Brazil 196237Y-01M-01D
Germany 200637Y-00M-23D
Paraguay 200236Y-10M-19D
Bolivia 199436Y-10M-16D
Greece 199436Y-10M-07D
Denmark 198636Y-10M-04D
Colombia 199836Y-09M-24D
Italy 201036Y-09M-11D
Russia 196636Y-09M-06D

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