Can you name the Harry Potter characters that die?

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters that die??

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This women had orange hair
This person died protecting Harry
This teacher is a ghost
This person had 2 heads
This person created the Sorcerer's Stone
This girl haunts a bathroom
Was the Headmaster in 1940's
Harry killed it
Peter Pettigrew killed them with one curse
A fox
Voldemort's father
Voldemort's grandfather
Voldemort's mother
Married to Barty Crouch
Worked at the Ministry
A muggle who was killed by Voldemort
Barty Crouch Jr. killed him
Is in Hufflepuff
Travers killed her
Died July 1981
Dolohov killed him
Dolohov killed him
Killed by a Blasting Curse
Killed by Voldemort
Killed by Devil's Snare
Harry's Godfather
Died in an Orphanadge
Has an elf named Hokey
Susan Bone's mother
Was a member of the Order
Sold Ice-Cream
An Abbott
Died by a Shack
Killed by Fenrir Greyback
A Spider
A Death Eater
Killed by Snape
Owned a Ressurection Stone
Owner of a Wand
Owned a Cloak
Killed by the Bloody Baron
Killed himself
Albus's father
Albus's mother
Albus's sister
Died by Inferi
Taught Muggle Studies
Herry's Owl
Has a weird eye
Suceeded Fudge
A Wandmaker
Stole the Elder Wand from Gregovitch
Killed by Nagini (A Bagshot)
Unknown death of a Tonk
Killed by Snatchers
Killed by Snatchers
Killed by his own silver hand
Killed by Bellatrix (An elf)
Killed himself in a Fiendfyre
Add Fre+d Weasley
A werewolf whos wife is Tonks
Is married to a werewolf
Harry's biggest fan
The Half Blood Prince
A Snake
Killed by Molly Weasley
Tom Riddle AKA

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