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Forced Order
I'm not gay, but if I was, I'd tear him apart
I like guys that are into bikes. I think Big Brother got the wrong impression: I like the ones that have motors, not the ones that have pedals.
Bye bye bitches
Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie – the only thing honest about you is the pimples on your chin. You’re a wicked witch.
You think it's easy being this good looking? It is.
Lights out bitches
Why do you have to be so dramatic? You're a homo-sapien Brendan, you're not a wizard
He's perfect like me
Keep my name out your mouth
I thought there was no Chilltown
If Kermit the Frog and Ryan Seacrest had a baby, the baby would be Dan
If karma is like a boomerang, I'll see you sooner rather than later
Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining
I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener
I've realized it's not Chilltown, it's Dr. Willtown. He's just the janitor.
I like to look at myself in the mirror and hold my pec to see how hard it is
Floaters, you better grab a life vest
Never in my life have I wanted to be a popsicle so bad
Catfight between the Buxom Blonde and the Busted Blonde
Why! I hate Peanut Butter and Jelly
Let's talk about your boobs
I hate Big Brother
Two words: Kiss my ass
I've got more angles than a geometry textbook
I don't know why the guy needs Ian's help, can't he see the pieces? After all, his eyebrows are always pointed straight up at the ceiling due to his botox
Nothing happened in that hot tub
Polyester hair bitch
You're short and you have a short dick

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