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Can you name the only country to fit both of the given characteristics?

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this country...CountryAND also...
is a member of the G7/G8is located entirely in Asia
is recognized as a 'Full Democracy' by the Democracy Indexis in South America
spends more than $30 B (US) on defense annually has a population less than 30 million
is a member of the Arab Leaguehas a Christian population greater than 15%
ends with -standoesn't have a Muslim majority
ranks in the top 10 for the 'Happy Planet Index' (2009)isn't in the Americas
is a permanent member of the UN Security Counciluses the Euro
has hosted the men's FIFA World Cup multiple timeshas never won the World Cup
is one of 25 where Arabic holds official language statusdoesn't have a majority Muslim population
doesn't recognize Spanish as an official languageis in Central America

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