Valkyrie Profile Purify Weird Souls

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Can you name the Purify Weird Souls of Non-Spellcaster Characters?

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QuotePurify Weird SoulCharacter
''Body and soul shall be torn asunder! Ougi!''Suo
''I invoke the power of the glacial blade! Finishing strike!''Grey
''I've grown tired of you! Finishing strike!''Arngrim
''It shall be engraved upon your (very) soul! Divine assault!''Lenneth/Hrist
''In the name of my lord! Finishing strike!''Jayle
''In the name of all the gods! Finishing strike!''Llewlyn
''Mugen no kensen! Blade art!''Jun
''I'll take care of this! Finishing strike!''Kashell
QuotePurify Weird SoulCharacter
''Feel my wrath! Finishing strike!''Belenus
''You're dead, pal! Death blow!''Badrach
''Valkyrie, grant me power! Finishing strike!''Lucian
''My soul burns; my power has awakened! Finishing strike!''Aelia
''Feel the power of darkness! Finishing strike!''Brahms
''I stake everything on this single blow! Finishing strike!''Lawfer
''For my honor! Finishing strike!''Janus
''Prepare to be cleansed! Divine assault!''Freya

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