Demons in Army Corps of Hell Demonic Compendium

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Doom Seer (Neonate)
Doom Seer
Evil Seer (Neonate)
Evil Seer
Despair Seer (Neonate)
Despair Seer
Reaper of the Damned
Reaper of the Unquiet
Underdemon Anuris
War Anuris
Hellfire Anuris
Anuris Colossus
Sky Diablon
Thunder Diablon
Sky Diablon
Beast of the Earth
Beast of the Unwrought
The Arachnoyle
Arachnoyle Golden
Arachnoyle Enflamed
Lord Nemesis
Lord Requital
Lord of the Rap
Empress of the Gorge
Empress Raven
Dragon Aloft
Dragon Empress
Dragon of the Strike
Slayer Infest
Slayer Torrid
Lord Putrid
Lord Rot
Nemesis Deliverer
Angel of Obscurity

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