Meanings of Most Popular Names

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Boy 1Who is like God
Boy 2Healer
Boy 3Christ Bearer
Boy 4Beloved
Boy 5Supplanter
Boy 6God's Gift
Boy 7God is Gracious, Merciful
Boy 8Jehovah Saves
Boy 9Bright Fame
Boy 10God is my Judge
Boy 11Strong One
Boy 12Just or True
Boy 13God Will Increase
Boy 14Honorable Ruler
Boy 15Protector
Girl 1White Wave
Girl 2Wealthy
Girl 3Worthy of Love
Girl 4A Honey Bee
Girl 5Princess
Girl 6Victory of the People
Girl 7Flower
Girl 8Beloved
Girl 9Who is like God
Girl 10God's Promise
Girl 11Servant of God
Girl 12Crown
Girl 13Ruler
Girl 14Bitter Sea
Girl 15Angelic

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