Characters' Final Smashes from SSBB

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Can you name the Characters' Final Smashes from SSBB?

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Fianl SmashCharacter(CN) Name
Volt Tackle
Waddle Dee Army
(CN) Finale
End of Day
PK Starstorm
Konga Beat
RocketBarrel Barrage
Diffusion Beam
(CN) Blossom
Aura Storm
Negative Zone
Super Dragon
Zero Laser
Fianl SmashCharacter(CN) Name
Beast (CN)
Great Aether
Palutena's Army
Triforce Slash
Grenade Launcher
Triple Finish
Puff Up
Galaxia Darkness
Light Arrow
Giga (CN)
Power Suit (CN)
Cook (CN)
Critical Hit
Super (CN)
Blue (CN)

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