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ClueAnimalExtra help
A member of a religious community South American
To FibAfrican
To Copy on a TestAfrican
Begins with the Letter that appears above a Cartoon sleepy headAfrican
Rhymes with Harry Potters potion TeacherLimbless
A Blemish on a faceBurrows
Praise...!, and an entrance wayLives in a Swamp
Deck of...Bird
A color of the RainbowBase Ball Team
A projection of the PelvisSemi Aquatic African Animal
ClueAnimalExtra help
Opposite of WhiteAggressive North American Forest Animal
When one hurts themselves one screams ...!Nocturnal Bird
To _ a KnotFound in most Eastern Asian Countries
A set of two things used togethera vividly colored bird
A framework for holding or storing objectsA North American Mammal with a Thief like face
A small model of a human figure A Marine animal with a high social ability
To Take coverA water bird
Fry things on itA large Bearlike Mammal
A continuous vertical brick or stone structureMarine Mammal related to the eared seals
A Young WomanA Bird that lays eggs but cannot fly

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