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Can you name the teams given their scrambled names?

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Ageless Goldenrods 
Amazonian Crabs, Kiddo 
Bloomer Solitaire 
Drastic Allusions 
Eddie's Paragons 
Eternal Smarties 
Garners Taxes 
Insistent Woman 
Wanton Nasal Hoisting 
Wonky Meters 
Colon Diagram 
Driest Spittoon 
Interwoven Metabolisms 
Logical Chubs 
Narrow, Nonetheless 
Pain's Radiance 
Peerless? Collapsing. 
Resonating Smack 
Siphon Nexus 
Wonky Knickers 
Alpha Wainscottings 
Flashily Harelipped 
Gambling Antipathy 
Indolent Romeos 
Narrowed Skylines 
Nipping Shutterbugs 
Ornamental Candies 
Shamanic Dukes 
Solar Pathfinder 
Stubborn Ions 
Banister Removal 
Enticing Cannibals 
Looniest Dirt 
Naked Railroads 
Orange Discharges 
Payback Renegers 
Raincoat Shrapnel 
Sensational Wrens 
Spinal Dislocation 
Superb Streetlights 

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