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Travis Bickle
James Cole
Lt. John Dunbar
George Bailey
Balian de Ibelin
Terry Malloy
Alexander DeLarge
Jamal K. Malik
Lester Burnham
Dr. Malcolm Crowe
Maggie Fitzgerald
Rick Deckard
'Red' Pollard
Jack Skellington
William Munny
R.P. McMurphy
Jack Torrance
Tony Montana
Tracy Turnblad
Col. George Taylor
Bruce Nolan
Bob Harris
Phil Connors
Cpl. Jake Sully
Marshal Will Kane
J.J. Gittes
Paul Rusesabagina
Carl Fredricksen
Capt. Benjamin Willard
Rev. Graham Hess
Thomas Anderson
Jake La Motta
Kevin McCallister
Sgt. William James
Amsterdam Vallon
Daniel Plainview
Evey Hammond
Ray Kinsella
Victor Van Dort
Eddie Valiant
Beatrix Kiddo
Frank Abagnale Jr.
Andy Dufresne
Chief John Anderton
Marty McFly
Dr. Dave Bowman
Rick Blaine
Robert Neville
King Leonidas
Chief Martin Brody
Wladyslaw Szpilman
Lt. Ellen Ripley
Sonny Wortzik
T.E. Lawrence
Dr. Richard Kimble
Derek Vinyard

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