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Lifetime, Nationality & GenderPersonWealth (billions of 2007 US dollars)
1839-1937; American male318.3 (business)
1835-1919; Scottish male298.3 (business)
1868-1918; Russian male253.5 (inheritance)
1821-1885; American male231.6 (inheritance, business)
1886-1967; Hyderabadi male225.8 (inheritance)
1855-1937; American male188.8 (business)
1863-1947; American male188.1 (business)
115-53 BC; Roman male169.8 (inheritance, conquest, business)
958-1025; Byzantine male169.4 (inheritance, conquest)
1794-1877; American male167.4 (business)
1040-1089; Breton male166.9 (inheritance, conquest)
1388-1351 BC; Egyptian male155.2 (inheritance)
? - 1088; Norman male153.6 (inheritance, conquest)
Lifetime, Nationality & GenderPersonWealth (billions of 2007 US dollars)
1060-1100; Norman male151.7 (inheritance)
1533-1603; English female142.9 (inheritance)
1874-1960; American male141.4 (inheritance, business)
1918-1992; American male128.0 (business)
1763-1848; German-American male115.0 (business)
1036-1097; Norman male110.2 (inheritance, conquest)
1955- ; American male100.0 (business)
1750-1831; French-American male99.5 (business)
69 - 30 BC; Greek female95.8 (inheritance)
1769-1821; Corsican male90.0 (conquest)
1764-1839; American male88.8 (inheritance)
1858-1933; American male86.3 (inheritance, business)

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