Leaders of World War II

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Can you name the leaders of the Second World War?

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United States1941-1945 (president)
United States1945 (president)
British Empire1939-1940 (prime minister)
British Empire1940-1945 (prime minister)
British Empire1945 (prime minister)
British Empire1939-1945 (king)
Soviet Union1941-1945 (general secretary)
Germany1939-1945 (fuhrer)
Germany1945 (president)
Italy1941-1943, 1943-1945 (duce)
Italy1941-1945 (king)
Japan1937-1945 (emperor)
Japan1941-1944 (prime minister)
China 1937-1945 (Communist leader)
China 1937-1945 (Nationalist leader)
France1939-1940 (prime minister)
France1940 (prime minister)
France1940-1944 (Vichy president)
France1940, 1942-1944 (Vichy prime minister)
France 1940-1944 (Free French leader)
Hungary1941-1944 (regent)
Greece1940-1941 (prime minister)
Greece1944-1945 (regent)
Romania1940-1944 (prime minister)
Romania1940-1945 (king)
Yugoslavia1941-1945 (liberation leader)
Bulgaria1941-1943 (king)
Canada1939-1945 (prime minister)
Belgium1940-1945 (king)
Belgium1940-1945 (prime minister-in-exile)
Australia1941-1945 (prime minister)
South Africa1939-1945 (prime minister)
Poland1939-1943 (prime minister-in-exile)
Poland1939-1945 (presidenti-in-exile)
Netherlands1940-1945 (queen-in-exile)
Netherlands1940-1945 (prime minister-in-exile)
Ethiopia1935-1945 (emperor)
Vietnam1940-1945 (liberation leader)
Norway1940-1945 (king-in-exile)
Norway1942-1945 (Axis puppet)
Philippines1942-1944 (president-in-exile)
Czechoslovakia1939-1945 (president-in-exile)
Egypt1939-1945 (king)
Finland1940-1944 (president)
Iran1942-1945 (king)
Manchukuo (Manchuria)1943-1945 (emperor, Japanese puppet)
Mexico1942-1945 (president)
New Zealand1940-1945 (prime minister
Brazil1942-1945 (president)

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