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Can you name the answer to each hint which is also a word related to cards?

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Another word for shovel
______ of all trades
Another name for a jester
Another word for applause or a human extremity
I'm the ______ of the world
She repeatedly yelled 'off with their heads'
A playoff team that doesn't win their division
____ -a-soup
Excalibur, samurai and sabre
The name for a 5 pointed star in a circle
Gladys Knight's Band
Broadway's '________ off to Buffalo'
What Tony Bennett left in San Francisco
Stewie Griffin exclamation 'What the ____!'
The Adventures of Priscilla, _____ of the Desert
Game show Let's Make a _______
Groucho Marx did not want to belong to one of these organizations that would have him as a member
________ Are a Girls Best Friend
What Mr. Ollivander sells
In golf another word for a hole in one

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