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Where Crockett and Tubbs were undercover cops
A musician played by Robin Williams defects at Bloomingdale's
Where a Nicolas Cage portrayed alcoholic screenwriter leaves
Where the Clash Called
Where Vincent Gallo's character kidnapped Christina Ricci's
Where Tony Curtis strangled women as Albert DeSalvo
Where Dr. Johnny Fever was a WKRP D.J.
Where Roxie Hart murdered, sang and danced
Tom Hanks character spends sleepless nights here
Where Tony Bennett left his heart
Where Mott the Hoople came all the way from
The Zip Code is 90210
The train that makes us ask 'Good morning, America, how are you?'
Where Vicky and Cristina spent a summer
Where a pregnant Marge Gunderson chased murdering kidnappers
Where Andy Garcia's character helped people to do things when they're dead
Marlon Brando's character had an affair that was his last tango in this city
Ian Hunter thinks this city rocks
Where characters played by Nick Nolte and Mac Davis played football
Where Raquel Welch starred as roller derby bombshell, K.C. Carr
Where Ricky Bobby raced
Musical city to meet at for the 1904 World's Fair
Where Tom Hanks' character died of AIDS
Where Don Henley spent a minute
Kiss' rock city

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