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Benjamin Franklin did not propose the turkey for the US Seal, but he preferred it to this bird found on the Seal
The traditional Thanksgiving dinner includes turkey, but this bird is the most eaten in the United States
Turkey is in both Europe and Asia, so one would think it is very large. This other country in both continents is the world's largest
Wild Turkey is one of the world's best selling bourbons, but this bourbon, named for a person and made by Fortune Brands, is the world's best selling
A male turkey is called a gobbler or a tom, but the male of this species, also called a tom, is a far more common US pet
The turkey has a wattle hanging from its neck, which should not be confused with this similar word for walking with a clumsy swaying gait
Three strikes in bowling is called a turkey and is good, but three strikes in baseball is called this undesirable outcome and is usually bad
Despite what some believe, turkeys can fly, but this bird, the world's largest, cannot
A turkey trot is a running event unlike this vixen named trot, which is a dance
The American President generally pardons a turkey at Thanksgiving, and he pardons these at the end of his Presidency
A lousy business may be called a turkey, but add one letter and you get this type of business that is ready for anyone to run
No matter what, beef can't be turned into turkey, but dried, it can become this word that rhymes with turkey
Although he sounds like a turkey, Herky, the mascot of the University of Iowa is this type of bird
Gobbler's Knob sounds like a place to find a turkey, but it is home to Punxsutawney Phil, this type of animal
Many people add cranberry sauce to turkey and mint jelly to this type of meat
Some people say Turkey Day when referring to this Holiday

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