Word Ladder: Pig In Ancient Rome

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Can you write the 6-letter answers to the 4-letter words that have been converted to Pig Latin?

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HintPig Latin Word4-Letter Word
Oviemay igpay (Movie Pig)
Owhay ostmay igspay reaay lothedcay (Naked)
Omonymhay orfay ildway igpay (Homonym for wild pig)
Igspay reay histay niay itterslay (Pigs are this in litters)
Omehay otay igspay (Home to pigs)
Hereway igspay rinkday (Pubs)
Ishfay igspay atchcay (Fish)
Igbay artypay orfay igspay (Big Party)
Igspay ateay histay ithway ggseay (Served with eggs)
Ossesspay (Possess)
HintPig Latin Word4-Letter Word
Igspay referpay ovelay otay hitay (Pigs prefer love to this)
Penoay otay etlay igspay utoay foay tysay (Fence opening)
Igspay unthay histay (Hunter's prize)
Elebritycay orfay igspay (Celebrity)
Olltay orfay igspay (Toll)
Ourcesay foay eathay orfay igspay (Source of heat)
Hereway igspay racticepay awlay (Where lawyers work)
Hapesay, igspay siay atfay (Shape)
Tensiluay otnay seduay ybay igppsay (Utensil)
Igpay eatmay (Pig Meat)

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