Discovery of Fire

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Can you choose the things associated with fire from each two item list?

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Elements: (A) Classical or (B) Chemical
Foursome: (A) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or (B) Fantastic Four
Internet Browser: (A) Mozilla or (B) Microsoft
Stephen King Character: (A) Charlie McGee or (B) Pennywise
Songs About Lakes: (A) Bob Seger’s or (B) Tchaikovsky’s
Reality Show: (A) The Apprentice or (B) The Amazing Race
Dog Breed: (A) Dalmatian or (B) St. Bernard
Weapon: (A) Pipe Bomb or (B) Napalm
Island: (A) Tierra del Fuego or (B) Honshu
Band: (A) Eagles or (B) The Doors
Chicago Sports Franchise: (A) Hockey or (B) Soccer
Fast Food Chain: (A) McDonald's or (B) Burger King
Astrological Sign: (A) Aries or (B) Cancer
Ray Bradbury Story: (A) Something Wicked This Way Comes or (B) Fahrenheit 451
Mythical Creature: (A) Dragon or (B) Unicorn
Mascot: (A) Smokey Bear or (B) Woodsy Owl
Jack Webb Created Show: (A) Emergency or (B) Adam-12
Stone: (A) Diamond or (B) Flint
Cooking Device: (A) Easy Bake Oven or (B) Franklin Stove
New York: (A) FDNY or (B) NYPD

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