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Can you name the items that are associated with either 7 or 9?

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ItemEnter 7 or 9
Days in a week
Circles of Hell in Dantes Inferno
Current members of the band Chicago
Stitches saved by a stitch in time
Lives of a cat
Wonders of the World
Hour the work day starts according to the Dolly Parton movie and song
George Carlin 'Words You Can't Say on Television'
Prime numbers between 1 and 25
Akira Kurosawa's Samurai
Ladies dancing in the 12 Days of Christmas
ItemEnter 7 or 9
Pleiades of Greek mythology
Deadly sins
Number of a Beatles 'Revolution' song that fits the category
Number of batters in a baseball line up
Different Numerals in the corners of cards in a standard deck of playing cards
Life Processes (things that all living organisms do)
Number of Nazgul in 'Lord of The Rings'
Sporcle Holiday Subcategories
Books in the Harry Potter series
Hills of Rome

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