Coinciding World Monarchs

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Can you name the year in which all three of the rulers in each column were ruling at the same time?

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William I (Great Britain); Philip I (France); Boleslaw II (Poland)
Napoleon I (France); Alexander I (Russia); Charles XIII (Sweden)
Elizabeth I (Great Britain); Philip II (Spain); Suleiman I (Ottoman)
Ivan III (Russia); Henry VII (Great Britain); John II (Portugal)
George III (Great Britain); Catherine II (Russia); Frederick II (Prussia)
Victoria (Great Britain); Napoleon III (France); Frederick William IV (Prussia)
Louis XIV (France); Peter I (Russia); Jan III Sobieski (Poland)
Henry VIII (Great Britain); Ferdinand II (Spain); Montezuma II (Aztec)
Elizabeth II (Great Britain); Juan Carlos I (Spain); Akihito (Japan)
Richard I (Great Britain): Philip II Augustus (France); Saladin (Egypt)

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