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This is a measure of a material’s ability to conduct electricity. A material with a low resistivity will conduct electricity well.
The mass per unit volume of a material.
The ability of a material to be drawn or extruded into a wire or other extended shape.
A measure of how fast heat is conducted through a slab of material with a given temperature difference across the slab.
The permanent deformation of a solid subjected to a stress.
The ability of a material to withstand pulling forces.
The smallest part of an element that can exist chemically.
A measure of the degree of increase in dimensions when an object is heated. This can be measured by an increase in length, area or volume. The expansivity can be measured as the fr
Sub TopicDefintions
The resistance a material offers to penetration or scratching.
A class of materials that are continuous filaments or are in discrete elongated pieces, similar to lengths of thread with a length to thickness ratio of at least 80.
The resistance of an elastic body to deflection by an applied force.
A mixture composed of two or more substances (materials) with one substance acting as the matrix or glue.
Two or more atoms that are normally bonded together covalently.
A mixture that contains at least one metal. This can be a mixture of metals or a mixture of metals and non-metals.
The ability of a material to resist the propagation of cracks.

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