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A situation where a company keeps a small stock of components ... just in case of a rush order.
A volume production process involving machines controlled by computers.
An individual (often craft-produced) article or a prototype for larger-scale production.
The costs that must be paid out before production starts, for example, machinery.
The mass production of a product via a flow line based on the interchangeability of parts, pre-processing of materials, standardization and work division.
Costs that vary with output, for example, fuel or raw materials.
The production of large amounts of standardized products on production lines, permitting very high rates of production per worker.
A volume production process involving machines controlled by humans.
Limited volume production (a set number of items to be produced).
Refers specifically to the computer control of machines for the purpose of manufacturing complex parts. Machines are controlled by a program commonly called a “G code”. Each co
A small-scale production process centred on manual skills.
The use of computers to aid manufacturing.
A situation where a firm does not allocate space to the storage of components or completed items, but instead manufactures them when required.
A specific manufacturing term, sometimes relating to one material group only
A sophisticated CIM system that manufactures products to individual customer orders.

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