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Who was the Newest Member in Season 8
What type of group did Derek Morgan originally work for (Before a Police Officer)
Who was JJ's replacement when she was pregnant
Who is Elle Greenaway's Arch-Nemesis
Before Aaron Hotchner was a BAU Profiler what cities FBI Field Office did he work at? (City and State)
Who is Emily Prentiss' Arch-Nemesis
Who is the girlfriend of Hotch that moves to New York
Before JJ became an official profiler, what was her job
Where was Reid from
Who is Derek Morgan's Arch-Nemesis
In which episode was Haley Hotchner Killed
Who is Jason Gideon's Arch-Nemesis
Where was Morgan from
Spencer has a skill where he can remember everything, What's that called
Who is Spencer Reid's Arch-Nemesis
What was Derek Morgan arrested for in Profile, Profiled
Who is the BAU Section Chief and who confronted her about her drinking
Who's father was a serial killer
Who is JJ's Arch-Nemesis
In 100 what does Hotch tell Jack to do
Name the season 8 stalker of the BAU
Who is Penelope Garcia's Arch-Nermesis
What are the names of the BAU Profilers Kids (JJ and Hotch)
What is Morgan's nickname for Garcia
Where is the BAU Located? (City and State
What was Emily Prentiss' alias
Who is Aaron Hotchner's Arch-Nemesis
Who is David Rossi's Arch-Nemesis

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