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Who's father was a serial killer
What are the names of the BAU Profilers Kids (JJ and Hotch)
Who is Jason Gideon's Arch-Nemesis
Who was JJ's replacement when she was pregnant
Who is Aaron Hotchner's Arch-Nemesis
What type of group did Derek Morgan originally work for (Before a Police Officer)
Who is Spencer Reid's Arch-Nemesis
Who is JJ's Arch-Nemesis
What is Morgan's nickname for Garcia
Who is Emily Prentiss' Arch-Nemesis
Who was the Newest Member in Season 8
Who is the girlfriend of Hotch that moves to New York
Spencer has a skill where he can remember everything, What's that called
Before JJ became an official profiler, what was her job
Before Aaron Hotchner was a BAU Profiler what cities FBI Field Office did he work at? (City and State)
In which episode was Haley Hotchner Killed
Name the season 8 stalker of the BAU
Where was Reid from
In 100 what does Hotch tell Jack to do
Who is David Rossi's Arch-Nemesis
Who is Penelope Garcia's Arch-Nermesis
What was Emily Prentiss' alias
Where is the BAU Located? (City and State
Where was Morgan from
Who is Derek Morgan's Arch-Nemesis
Who is the BAU Section Chief and who confronted her about her drinking
What was Derek Morgan arrested for in Profile, Profiled
Who is Elle Greenaway's Arch-Nemesis

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