A-Z Batman Villains

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Letter - ClueVillainFirst appearance
A - Not a villain. But they always end up here
B - Being evil can be back breaking work
C - Grey drippy shapeshifter
D - Suicidal Assasin
E - First name of answer to 'R'
F - Also a Joss Whedon TV series
G - Ra's Al ...
H - Psychiatry gone mad
I - Poison ...
J - What a clown
K - Murderous reptile
L - The Man-Bat. Dr. Kirk ...
M - Crazy Alice in Wonderland character
Letter - ClueVillainFirst appearance
N - Last name of answer to 'E'
O - Real name of answer to P
P - Owner of the Iceberg Lounge
Q - Type Q
R - He'll answer you with a question
S - Master of fear
T - Chance of survival 50/50
U - Type U
V - A bit of a dummy
W - Batmans opposite. His criminal parents were killed by a cop
X - Type X
Y - Type Y
Z - Human Tally chart

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