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Can you name the housemateName
From Gangsta's Paradise to BB house
From two times winner to host of the show
Baywatch beauty who stayed a while
He loved it when his Tourettes was in context
Sulky Scot who had a wee in a bin
She didn't want any 'naked jacuzziness'
Loud lass who was booted out after 'Fight Night'
BB 3 housemate went on to host on This Morning
African Amazonian who thought she was pregnant
Celeb winner who twisted my melon man
Fancied himself as a Wolverine Wannabe
BB 3 housemate who couldn't manage without his contact lenses, 'comprende?'
One seriously posh Halfwit
Can you name the housemateName
'Heavenly' housemate who was a female boxer
Donald's ex who brought some glamour to the house
Mischief making mini-me
BB2s love story was between Helen and....
Bristol Babe who loved John James
Quiet winner of BB4
Lady who kept a manly secret
First ever evictee of UK Big Brother
First ever winner of Celeb BB UK
Lovely lady who could kill you with just two fingers
Housemate who had a lot of bottle
Brainbox who became a Brainiac

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