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Can you name the housemateName
Brainbox who became a Brainiac
Sulky Scot who had a wee in a bin
BB 3 housemate who couldn't manage without his contact lenses, 'comprende?'
Celeb winner who twisted my melon man
BB2s love story was between Helen and....
Bristol Babe who loved John James
From two times winner to host of the show
Lady who kept a manly secret
He loved it when his Tourettes was in context
She didn't want any 'naked jacuzziness'
Mischief making mini-me
Loud lass who was booted out after 'Fight Night'
Baywatch beauty who stayed a while
Can you name the housemateName
Donald's ex who brought some glamour to the house
BB 3 housemate went on to host on This Morning
Housemate who had a lot of bottle
African Amazonian who thought she was pregnant
Fancied himself as a Wolverine Wannabe
Quiet winner of BB4
One seriously posh Halfwit
First ever winner of Celeb BB UK
'Heavenly' housemate who was a female boxer
Lovely lady who could kill you with just two fingers
From Gangsta's Paradise to BB house
First ever evictee of UK Big Brother

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