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**Largest instrument in the orchestra**
A good thing to do in the sun
Your dorsal area
Conservative talk show host Glenn
A bird's bill
**In cut time, there are two in each measure**
A vegetable matter used as fertilizer or feul
A prolonged ringing of bells
To recuperate
A pile, or to pile
**More than a step**
A trench that conveys water to a mill wheel
An extraordinary act or achievement
You probably have two of these
Perceived by touch
**Series of descending notes (specifically in jazz)**
A spherical object
**A hollow instrument of metal, struck with a stick, hammer, etc.**
It helps keep pants from falling down
Of the highest quality
**You don't play when you see one of these**
A bird's home
Cool, or clean
A place to sit
A long, narrow stip of wood
**A half step below a natural**
A tasty custard dessert
Family, or a group of families
Happy, a feeling of joy
Prod, incite
Au, highly malleable and ductile
Given in exchange for money
**A phrase meant for a single musician**
**A phrase meant for a single section**
The only one
A gap, or a burrow
The feeling that events will turn out for the best
Is this word ladder over yet?
A centering point of component parts
**Major and minor are types of this**
A system used for secrecy
**The closing section**
A sugary, bubbly drink
Sections cut from the surface of a grassland
Bubble baths make lots of these
Undeveloped flowers
Offers at an auction
Mouthpieces for bridles
Temper tantrums
A membranous, paddle-like organ
**The end of the piece**

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