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Fun FactsPresident
Youngest President
Shortest President
President with a daughter who married a Confederate
President that first used the word, 'normalcy'
President who kept a letter from a dead solider's parents in his office drawer during his whole term
President who ran under the Bull Moose Party but lost
Only President with a Ph.D
Only President to become a Supreme Court Judge after his term as President
President who spoke Mandarin Chinese
President who issued the most vetoes
Fun FactsPresident
President who won the election by the shortest electoral and popular margin
President who saw the most states join the U.S.
Only President to serve two nonconsecutive terms
President whose wife outlawed all alcohol and songs that were not hymns
The biggest 'trust buster' contrary to popular belief
Second President who was assassinated
President who was a 'Dogface'
President with the most children
Only divorced President
President whose brother has his own brand of beer

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