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where is it used
Stressed vowel, high vowel, rising tone, long vowel, or palatalization
Short vowel
Palatalization, falling-rising tone
Softening of 'c' sound from 'k' to 's,' under 's' to make a different phoneme
Long vowel, high vowels, falling tone
I-mutation, process by which a vowel is pronounced more like the vowel in a following syllable
Two vowels that would normally be pronounced as a diphthong pronounced separately
Falling-rising tone
Unrounded version of rounded vowels
where is it used
Long vowel, long syllable, high level tone
Nasalization, long vowel, high tone
Long vowel, over 'a' to make a different phoneme
Nasalization, dipping-rising tone
Low or open vowel, falling tone
Short falling tone
Long version of front rounded vowel

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