Human Digestion

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Can you name the Main Organs of the Human Digestion System?

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HintParts of Human Digestion System
Mechanical and Chemical Digestion Take Place Here
Peristalsis Begins Here
A Muscular Bag that Makes Chyme
Opens to Release Small Amounts of Chyme
Digestion Ends Here
This Organ Produces Bile
Bile is Released Into This
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate is Released By This Gland
HintParts of Human Digestion System
These Increase the Surface Area for Absorption
Where Food Goes After the Duodenum
Used to Carry Nutrient Rich Blood to the Liver
Deamination Occurs Here
Used to Carry Waste to the Kidneys
Reabsorbs Water
Stores Faeces
Egestion Occurs Here

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