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multicellular, diploid, eukaryote, development, cell division
horror, Richard Bachman, nearly two hundred, Maine, Bram Stoker Awards
Central America, English, Kriol, Spanish, Mexico
equality of opportunity, distribution of wealth, Nordic countries, Iceland, Sweden
fortified, Europe, Middle East, Middle Ages, nobility
Euclidean geometry, simple, quadrilateral, diamonds, lozenge
film director, producer, writer, actor, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks
prejudicial, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity
blackball, voters, candidate, governmental, secrecy of the votes
mental state, imaginative, James Braid, Franz Mesmer, Mesmerism
disease, disorder, classification tests, procedure of a doctor's visit, Imhotep
intimate relationship, physical intimacy, emotional intimacy, lying, adultery
computer networks, hypertext, World Wide Web, infrastructure, Web site
herder, cattle, ranches, North America, vaquero
extraterrestrial life, Oxford English Dictionary, Donald Keyhoe, Edward J. Ruppelt, Project Blue Book
felt hat, kilim, tassel, Ottoman, Andalusian
polemicist, textures, harmonies, orchestration, leitmotifs
American English, South, lower social class, cracker, hillbilly
poverty, wealth, archetype, literature, popular culture
media proprietor, talk show host, philanthropist, black billionaire, some assessments

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